Internet Access

Universitas Brawijaya provides internet service that can be accessed on all Faculties/Departments through LAN and Wifi networks of Universitas Brawijaya.

Specification of ISP (Internet Service Provider) Access Service Universitas Brawijaya

Telkom Internasional = 1.6 Gbps.
Telkom Domestik = 1.6 Gbps.
Indosat Internasional = 800 Mbps.
Indosat INIX = 800 Mbps.
Inherent = 400 Mbps.

Total bandwidth = 5.2 Gbps


Before you activate your computer to access the Internet through UB LAN/Wireless, you can only connect through DHCP. If you have a problem with Internet/LAN connection in UB, you can contact local Administrator from faculty/departments or directly contact Helpdesk TIK-UB.
To see the connection status of campus LAN and UB Internet, visit Internet Traffic & Local Router Monitoring