Internet Access

Universitas Brawijaya provides internet service that can be accessed on all Faculties/Departments through LAN and Wifi networks of Universitas Brawijaya.

Specification of ISP (Internet Service Provider) Access Service Universitas Brawijaya

ISP Bandwidth
Telkom Internasional 2 Gbps
Telkom Domestic 2 Gbps
Indosat Internasional 1 Gbps
Indosat INIX 1 Gbps
Inherent 400 Mbps
Total bandwidth 6.4 Gbps

If you have a problem with Internet/LAN connection in UB, you can contact local Administrator from faculty/departments or directly contact Helpdesk TIK-UB. To see the connection status of campus LAN and UB Internet, visit Internet Traffic & Local Router Monitoring.

UB Internet Access Regulations

Among the regulations implemented to UB Internet access is the blocking of sites containing: Pornography, Gambling, Phishing, Malware, SARA and Proxy and other restricted contents as regulated by Indonesian government.

If you believe the site you are accessing is blocked while not containing the aforementioned content, please contact us through email admin[at] with subject of: Internet Akses.

To access the Internet, all UB academic community members must first log in using their UB account to (NAS). – See also FAQ of Network Authentication System (NAS) UB (available only in bahasa Indonesia)

Further info on UB Account: