Computer Center

SCS (Student Computer Services) is a public computer service for students of Universitas Brawijaya. SCS provides rental computer service, with internet access for relatively affordable rate.

SCS Facilties:

  • Hardware
    Currently SCS is operating with 25 computers. The specification of the computer used in SCS are as follows: 

    • Pentium 166 MHz (2), Pentium 233 MHz (3), Pentium III 350 MHz – 1,1 Ghz (6), Pentium Cel 1,6 GHz (12) and Pentium IV 1,8 GHz (2)
    • RAM 32 MB and 64 MB
    • Minimum Hard disk of 6,4 GB
    • Multimedia ; Sound card for Pentium III Computer type and above
    • 14” Monitor
    • Other standard equipments; Floppy Disk, Keyboard, Mouse.
  • Software
    SCS is provided to fulfill the need of the user. That’s why, the software provided is also adjusted to the user’s need. The software currently available are: 

    • Office Tools
      • Microsoft Office ; MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Powerpoint
    • Internet Tools
      • Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox (Browsing Tool)
      • MIRc (Chatting Tool)
      • Yahoo Messenger
      • ICQ
      • Download Acclerator (Download Tool)
    • Others
      • Adobe Acrobat
      • Winzip
      • Antivirus
      • CuteFTP
      • ACDsee
  • Service Offered
    • Printing
      SCS also provides printing service, black or color.
    • CD Burning
    • Softdrink and Snack
    • CD Blank and Disket
    • Technical Assistant
      We provide operators that will help the user should the user find any problems,or would like to know more about SCS operational. In other words, our operator can act as your trainer if you need.

Rate for SCS member is Rp. 1000/hour and Rp.2000/hour for general public.

SCS Member
SCS implement user membership from students. By becoming SCS member, the charge of computer use will only be Rp.1000/hour. To be a member, please contact PPTI on workday.

Contact Us
For further info about SCS, please contact:

Gedung Rektorat Lama Lt. II. (Belakang Gedung Rektorat)
Universitas Brawijaya – Malang – Indonesia
Telp : (0341) 575878
Fax : (0341)  575878

Or send email to:


We really value your idea, suggestions, or critics regarding SCS service.