What is DreamSpark?

DreamSpark is a Microsoft program that supports technical education by giving access to Microsoft software for education, teaching, and research.

What is the benefit for students?

DreamSpark is very simple: the program gives students access to professional level tools and developer and designer software from Microsoft without fee to build real sites, apps, and games for Xbox Live®/360®, Kinect™, Microsoft Windows® Phone, and many more. Thus, students can chase their dream and create the future technology breakthrough – or just get a head start on their career..

Universitas Brawijaya is cooperating with Microsoft through DreamSpark program. Through DreamSpark, students and Learning Laboratories in Universitas Brawijaya can get access to use various developer tools, design tools, operating system, and other software from Microsoft, free of charge.

List of Microsoft DreamSpark Software for UB Students

Access 2013 details
Groove 2007 details
Infopath 2013 details
OneNote 2013 details
Project 2013 details
SharePoint Designer 2007 details
Visio 2013 details
Windows 7 details
Windows 8 dan Windows 8.1 details
Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 details
Windows Server 2012 details
Windows Vista details
Visual Studio 2013 details

– for full version of the software, click details, and write the version of the software in the application form
– to download the ISO, students must fill a login credential using nim and password

Note: click details for detailed information.

How to get Microsoft DreamSpark Software

Microsoft DreamSpark software can be obtained directly for free in Microsoft DreamSpark website by registering as a student of Universitas Brawijaya individually using UB email on the verification.

The DreamSpark software and its license key can also be obtained in TIK UB office, with software availability as listed on above table. Requirements, regulation, and procedure to get the software can be seen below. The software available for students in DreamSpark might be different from the ones available through TIK UB. The license key by TIK UB will be available from March 10, 2014.

1. Through TIK UB

Requirements and terms

1. Active student of Universitas Brawijaya


3. Once the student graduate, the software can still be used until the license period is expired. It cannot be extended once it’s expired

4. The amount of license is limited

Procedure to get the software

1. Download the software iso file from this site


3. Download Microsoft for Students Application Form 

4. Print the two pages into one sheet of paper.

5. Submit the signed MICROSOFT DREAMSPARK DIRECT SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT, and Microsoft Dreamspark Application User Data Form and one copy of Universitas Brawijaya student ID to get the license key

2. Through DreamSpark Site

1. Register as a student in DreamSpark site

2. Enter UB email for verificationi (nim@mail.ub.ac.id)

3. Download software and key

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