Network Equipments Disturbance

Hereby we inform that currently there are several network equipment that are disturbed due to a thunderstruck. The disturbed equipments are as follows:

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Institution Equipment
  1. Mikrotik
  2. AP
Kedokteran Gigi Mikrotik
PKH Mikrotik
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  1. AP
  2. Mikrotik
  1. c3560
  2. mikrotik recording
  3. mikrotik HME
  4. mikrotik Elektro Gd. Kuliah
  1. huawei 1700
  2. Mikrotik
Senat c3560
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  1. c3560
  2. mikrotik
FIB mikrotik
Puskom mikrotik
Wireless UB c3560
FP-BP Mikrotik
FP-ilmutanah Mikrotik
Sosek Baru Mikrotik
FP Pasca Huawei 1700
FTP Pasca
  1. Mikrotik
  2. Antena

Thank you for the attention, pardon for any inconvenience. Alan S Balantimuhe PPTI UB |

Infrastructure Division