Internet Access

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) provides internet connection on all faculties/departments through LAN cable and WiFi.

Specifications of ISP Access Service (Internet Service Provider) in Universitas Brawijaya

Link Bandwidth
International 4200 Mbps
Domestic 5000 Mbps
IdREN 750 Mbps
Total bandwidth 9950 Mbps

WiFi Service

Universitas Brawijaya provides wireless connection (WiFi) for academic members and guests using computers, laptops, and smartphones. UB provides two SSID WiFi: WiFi-UB.x, and eduroam. In order to connect to WiFi-UB, a user must choose one of them and login using username and password based on the user guides below.

The followings are user guides for WiFi services (on Bahasa Indonesia):

  1. Login WiFi on Windows
  2. Login WiFi on iPhone
  3. Login Wifi on android
  4. Login WiFi-UB.x on Windows 7

Guest Users

As a guest in Universitas Brawijaya, you can get access to UB network for free using a guest account. The account can be used up to three days and can be renewed for another three days. Please check this guide (Bahasa Indonesia) which further explains the guide to (1) register guest account and (2) renew the guest account internet service.


Education roaming or eduroam is a WiFi service globally available for lecturers or researchers, students and staff, from universities/institutions members of eduroam. Through eduroam, UB academic members or other universities/institutions can access a safe and free internet in the universities and institution members of eduroam. To log in to eduroam, use the email account of the user’s university/institution. UB members may us their UB email account.

Further info on eduroam can be accessed on

A short video by AARNet Australia explaining eduroam

To check the participating global institution:

List of Indonesian institutions participating in eduroam Indonesia:

Click here to see the eduroam login guide for various devices.

UB VPN Service

Universitas Brawijaya provides VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. VPN is a service that enables a user to access the web safely and privately. Further info on VPN can be accessed here.

If you encounter a problem with LAN/WiFi connection in UB, you may contact the local administrators on faculty/department level or directly contact Helpdesk TIK-UB.

UB Internet Access Regulations

In providing the UB internet access, we implement a number of regulations: blocking of websites containing: Pornography, Gambling, Phising, Malware, Proxy and other contents banned by Indonesian government regulation.

If you feel that the website you are accessing is not containing one or more of the aforementioned contents and currently blocked, please contact us on admin[at] with the subject of: Internet Akses.

Further info on UB account: