Administrative Support Services

Academic Administration Services


A website and web applications for UB’s new student admissions.


An integrated academic web application for financial management, academic status, scholarships, and student graduation, etc.



Student Academic Information System (for administration of filling study plan (KRS), study result (KHS), administration and information on lectures and registration, Student Profile, and Graduation Registration.

SIAKAD Desktop

A desktop-based academic information system application which is used by academic operators.

SIM Alumni

An information system that regulates the administration of UB’s alumni data.


Tracer Study

As part of the alumni information system, to track the latest alumni data.



Financial Administration Services

Siregi Desktop

Siregi desktop version application for operators.


A financial information system to manage university financial administration.


Personnel and Activities Administration Services


Employee Administration System, manages the Civil Service Administration of UB staff online.


Lecturer Administration System, manages the administration of UB lecturers online.


Government Agencies Performance Accountability Report from the central government.


Administration Reporting Service
UB’s Student and Financial Reporting System.
A desktop application-based college data reporting.


Asset and Inventory Procurement Administration Services


The university asset information system.

SIMAK-BMN (External)

State property accounting information system to regulate the administration of state assets.

LPSE (External)

UB’s electronic procurement service.



Asset and Inventory Procurement Administration Services


The correspondence administration system for UB administration.


Online Complaint Handling


Online services of complaint handling.


Decision Support Application


Decision Support System, a service that provides information to support decision making for UB officials.


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