Strategic Plan and Work Program

Basic principles of ICT service are as follows :

1. Access service for all campus components evenly and sufficiently

2. Focus on the development of research and fields of science based on information and communication technology

3. Various information and communication technology resources

4. Source of operational and development from user for user

5. Relatively cheap and affordable access cost

6. Work Efficiency and Effectivity of all fields and improvement of productivity

7. As a center of research and development of information and communication technology on national and international scale

Strategic Plan of UB ICT Unit UB 2010-2014 is the manifestation of the commitment of UB ICT Unit in realizing the vision of UB ICT Unit through guided and continuous activity. The Strategic Plan of UB ICT Unit 2011-2014 is arranged based on :

1. Slef evaluation depicting strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats on UB ICT Unit

2. Evaluation of event on previous years

3. UB 2010-2014 Strategic Plan

4. UB Rector 2007-2011 Work Program

The Strategic Plan of UB ICT Unit is the basic of study, development, implementation, and management of UB ICT Unit for the next 5 years. The Strategic Plan of UB ICT 2010-2014 generally covers :

1. Guaranteeing the availability of information technology and communication for university and all academic community members of UB.

2. Expansion of ICT infrastructure to support university management.

3. Development of integrated ICT based education infrastructure.

4. Development of scientific publication infrastructure based on information and communication technology.

5. Improvement of integrated and standardized ICT service.

6. Improvement of ICT Human Resource to improve the quality of study, development, improvement and service of information technology.

Implementation plan of the 2010-2014 UB ICT Unit strategic plan is explained in the annual work program of UB ICT in 2010-2014.

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