History of UB ICT Unit and IT Services

Information techonolgy (IT) is a part of historical growing of Universitas Brawijaya as one of the leading universities in Indonesia. Diverse activities and efforts have been made by Universitas Brawijaya for research purposes, Management Information System development, and computer networking infrastructure. All of these activities, directly or indirectly, are closely linked to the development of information technology in Universitas Brawijaya today. The development of internet technology in the world spurs Universitas Brawijaya for active participation to develop information techonology.

The roles of Faculties and Departments, which is independently developed computer networking and internet connection, enrich the efforts of IT development in UB. Not to forget the role of UB academic society whether it is invidually or group also contribute an important role in historical development of IT in UB. The various activities and efforts were left unreported and undocumented. The only one of UB official document found to be related to IT development concept dated 1992. And so it became the first point of IT development in UB.

Apart from the Puskom (computer center unit), several Faculties or Departments have sought the development of local access networks for the interests of cooperation and research in their respective environments. It was noted from the 1994 that Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences had developed an internet connection for the needs of research collaboration. Faculty of Electrical Engineering developed a local network in the computer lab. The development of internet technology that was increasingly prevalent in Indonesia since 1995, spurred the spirit of Universitas Brawijaya to develop computer networks and internet access for research purposes. An internet connection from Puskom with a modem device with long distance dial up access to the indonet ISP in Surabaya was built. The absence of an ISP (internet service provider) in Malang was a quite difficult for the development of internet access in UB.

In 1988, Puskom UB cooperated with JalinNet team from Electrical Engineering Faculty in the development of computer networking system along with its services. Collaboration with JalinNet team was a start of whole computer networking system by implementating new techonologies. The first standard of operating system of all server in UB used Linux RedHat. The launch of the second generation UB official site cooperated with PUSKOM, BAPSI, and JalinNet.

In the early 2001, UPPTI (Assessment and Development of Information Technology Unit) was founded, which was responsible for accelerating the developments and services of internet and networking access in UB, on February 6, 2002. After the establishment of UPPTI, Mathematic and Natural Science Faculty joined university network. UPPTI started to build special email system for students service (students.brawijaya.ac.id), which was changed to (http://student-mail.brawijaya.ac.id) by adding webmail feature (on August 22), with 7000 user capacities. Followed by the development of SIAKAD fourth generation, UPPTI started to follow up the development of SIAKAD prototype that was made in 1999. On this year, UPPTI also launched the fourth generation of UB site, with more complete information services, like e-book, netmon, discussion forums, webmail, Balung, and released SCS program (Student Computer Services) which was a computer facility for students to access internet and computer rental for UB students. In 2007, Unit of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) was formed based on UB ICT blueprint. This unit is a collaboration between Puskom and UPPTI (which then became PPTI).

In 2010, PPTI started to assess Radius system for internet access service management in UB. Every user who wanted to access internet network had to have Radius account and then logged in. In 2010, UB used two ISPs for internet connection, Astinet 30 Mbps and Indosat 10 Mbps. Astinet 30 Mbps was used for UB internal and Indosat 10 Mbps was used for UB server zone. Besides, UB used STM 1 155 Mbps links to backbone inherent network to ITS, UGM, UI, and UNEJ, and 7 Mbps links for backbone inherent to universities in Malang. Today, UB network condition can always be monitored by accessing https://bits.ub.ac.id/status-layanan-jaringan/.

To access internet service in UB, users can also use a cable that has been installed in the building or WiFi access which can be obtained in nearly all areas in UB. In 2010, PPTI also successfully developed new e-mail system for staffs, lecturers, and students with mail@ub.ac.id, where the username and password is also the one used to log in Radius service/Internet Access UB.

Moreover, PPTI also developed online scholarship selection system, where the applicants register and their datas will be proceeded online. Starting from 2010, all registration of new students, whether it’s for vocational (D1/D3), undergraduate (S1), graduate (S2), or postgraduate (S3) has been done online using SIAKAD which had been developed by PPTI. This online system can facilitate students in registration and submitting the data. Also on this year (2010), UB opened campusses branch in Jakarta and Kediri, the data collection was also done online.

Based on the Rector Regulation of Universitas Brawijaya Number 20 of 2016, a technical implementation unit was established in the field of management of information and communication technology as a new form of PPTI. This unit is called Information and Communication Technology Unit (ICT Unit). In its development, ICT Unit increasingly confirmed by the Rector Reculation Number 26 of 2018 about the Organizational Structure and Work Procedure of Information and Communication Technology Unit.