Email Services & UB Account

Gapura UB

Gapura UB is an integrated service information system portal that provides easy access to information and services for all users of UB Information System services. Gapura’s access mechanism is based on single-sign-on which allows users to only need to login once to be able to access UB’s information system services according to their access rights. Further information about Gapura can be found at

With Gapura, access to UB’s email and other applications is enough through for both official emails and student emails. Email UB uses Gmail-based email services from Google as well as other Google applications such as Google Calendar, Drive, Docs and Classroom.

UB Official Email

UB’s official email with the address of is provided for lecturers, staffs, faculties, departments, work units and other official campus institutions.

Student Email

Every UB student can use the email service for students. Student email account in the form of

UB Email Activation and Registration

  1. Registration for staffs or lecturers personally and on behalf of the institution, please download the appropriate registration form:
    1. Personal Email Application Form
    2. Institution/Activity Email Application Form
    3. For non-personal email submissions (faculty/institution/unit/agency/activity/and others) must be accompanied by a letter of application known to the head of the relevant unit such as the Dean or Vice Dean of the Faculty.
    4. Required to attach a photocopy of SK NIK/Employee Card as proof of identity number when submitting the registration form to the ICT Helpdesk.
  2. Email activation for students is enough through SIAM. The guide is already available in SIAM and can be downloaded.

User Guides

  1. Gapura login guide and sign in to Gmail
  2. Gmail Guide
  3. Enabling 2-Step Verification & Creating a Google Account App Password
  4. Gmail UB setup for Thunderbird on Windows 10 latest, Mac OS latest (updated)
  5. Gmail UB setup in Mail App Windows 10 latest (new)
  6. Opening Gmail via Outlook Application Version 2016 and Below
  7. Opening Gmail via Outlook 365 App
  8. How to enter Gmail into Android
  9. How to enter Gmail into iPhone
  10. Further guidance about Email and Gapura