Regulation of Internet Connection and Computer Networks

Wifi Standard

Wifi standard implemented in Universitas Brawijaya are:

  1. For wifi/access point with name formatting [faculty/departments/institution]-[building name]-[floor level]-[ordering number]. For instance TIK-rektorat lama-lt.2-01 or FE-gdg.A-lt.2-03
  2. For wifi/access point must be bridge mode, instead of NAT, to avoid slow connection.
  3. Available wifi must be given IP address according to the available allocation and network.
  4. Every installation of wifi must be complemented with provision of IP Gateway to ease monitoring.

Standard of Computer/Laptop

Standard of computer to be connected to networks in Universitas Brawijaya are as follows:

  1. Using antivirus recommended by Universitas Brawijaya or similar products.
  2. Any installation of network cable should be performed by the related administrator and labeled to ease maintaining.

Standard of Equipment and Installation of Network

Standard of equipment is aimed to prolong the life of the equipment

  1. Any installation of network equipment must be accompanied by UPS to increase the life of equipment and avoid damaged caused by electricity.