University Institutional Server Policy

Web publication service is provided for academic, instructional, and professional purposes of UB. This service should be used for academic and professional purposes of the university, publication of personal web should be done on a personal blog or commercial web. All utilization of University web is regulated by appropriate University IT Utilization Policy and other University Policy. You have to check the appropriate IT utilization policy and the policy of the service before creating a blog or personal web. Questions regarding your account, this guide, or general web policy, please contact Helpdesk TIK of Universitas Brawijaya.

Universitas Brawijaya Institutional Web Policy
  • All University publication services are provided for academic, research, instructional, and professional purposes of Universitas Brawijaya. The University reserves the rights to erase any material that violate this policy.
  • TIK UB respect the privacy of author’s account and will not check the content of account’s file, except in an investigation of policy violation. Yet as a part of the normal maintenance, sometimes our staff need to move the directory to different disk partition and review the permission of directory and file.
  • TIK UB reserves the rights to close account for repeated violation regarding unfit utilization, inaccuracy, or out-of-date information, privacy, security or performance, violation of university policy, or illegal activity, including posting of copyrighted materials.
  • TIK UB reserves the rights to erase any materials containing secret information such as credit card number and block the accounts violating this policy.
  • A website is maintained by individual author(s); any material provided without password or other limitation is considered public information.
  • Because web server is a room shared together, some privacy might be waived. For example, other authorized UB client can easily found your name, email address, and contents of file you post in this public space.

General URL in Institutional Web Server Account

  • General URL of UB is the extension of “root” URL of web server that hosts your site. Generally, only URL ending with “” is hosted in UB web server.
  • Request of specific URL form is made on “first come, first serve” basis, and several specific URL might not be available because it has been used. TIK UB also reserves the rights to refuse URL that might be used by UB and administrator in the future (such as URL containing the word “security” or “emergency”). Please contact Helpdesk of TIK UB for any inquiries related to the form of URL in UB.

Scripting and Access of Database

  • To ensure the security of university website, CGI scripting and MySQL database access is not available in central campus server ( Please contact Helpdesk of TIK UB for inquiries related to supporting scripting for your site.

Digital Media or Other Big File Types and Institutional Web Server

  • University institutional web server is designed to serve web design, and not used as media server for large media files or download area for any kind of large files. You are not permitted to put any kind of digital media file (audio MP3, any video file, or any individual file of more than 2 mb) without written authorization from University website. This is to ensure the function of all University website and to protect institutional web server from unusual volume traffic and space needs that sometimes needed by media file. TIK UB reserves the rights to immediately download material than is larger than normal traffic network regulation.

Unattended/Unmaintained Websites

  • TIK UB reserves the rights to archive and erase site in institutional server that haven’t been edited or updated on four years or more. We reserves the rights to archive and erase websites whose contact person can’t be reached or has been resigned from the University. TIK UB will perform necessary action to contact the site owner on such case, but unmaintained sites can be erased without notice after unattended for four years.

Change of Policy and Enforcement of Policy

  • UB institutional server policy might change without notice, yet we will always try to inform major change of policy or former web procedures.
  • TIK UB also reserves the rights to perform technical change on UB web server, if necessary.
  • TIK UB reserves the rights to take direct action to block account, website, or specific file or scripting that might harm normal operation or the security of UB institutional web server.