UB ID is a standard single login system (Single Sign On System РSSO) to access all IT services at UB. UB ID is provided by BAIS (Brawijaya Authentication and Identification System) which manages the authentication, authorization and identification  of all user access of IT services in UB centrally.

You can activate UB ID at BAIS (http://bais.ub.ac.id). Use the activation code contained in the proof of registration receipt to activate your UB ID.

Applicable standard rules for UB ID are as follows:

  • Every user in UB is only allowed to have one UB ID.
  • Students use NIM (student identification number) as the standard UB ID.
  • Lecturers and staffs use e-mail as the default UB ID.
  • The password is determined solely by each user with a minimum of 8 characters. The password must containt uppercase, lowercase, numbers and characters.


For students class of 2007, 2008, 2009, etc., when activating UB ID, you can also activate your e-mail account. You can create another name beside the standard UB ID as an alternative of your e-mail account. Please access e-mail service to get further information.