Web Hosting

Web hosting service is provided to official faculties/departments/institutions/units to publish official informations to the internet.

Service Features

  • Domain
    The domain name can be customized by the clients with the following domain: <name>.ub.ac.id.
    Example : faculties.ub.ac.id or department.ub.ac.id
  • Optimized SSD
    Hosting server uses optimized SSD for high performance, fast access
  • Control Panel
    Hosting server complete with user friendly control panel with simple interface for ease of access
  • Disk Quota
    Limit of disk for each domain is 2 GB for each hosting user
  • SSL (https) Certificate
    Encrypt web content and ensure the safety and security of the website
  • Daily Backup
    Free from worry with daily backup of the website. Hosting server provides daily backup with 14 days retention and easy of data restore with 1 click process
  • Git
    Hosting server provide an important feature for developers, Git Version Control. This feature is used to transfer files between Git and hosting repositories. Changes that occur in Git can be directly transferred to the hosting directory. Here’s a guide for setting up Git on hosting.

Registration Procedure

  1. Applicant fills the necessary forms and requirements. Further info on the form can be asked to Helpdesk TIK
    >> Helpdesk STI Contact
    >> Download Webhosting Application Form
  2. Applicant submits the forms and other requirements to STI Helpdesk
  3. STI Helpdesk accepts the application and reviews the requirements
  4. STI Helpdesk delegates the forms to the related personnel to be reviewed
  5. Related personnel will accept or reject the application as necessary
  6. If the application is accepted, hosting request will be processed, and activation will be informed through Helpdesk
  7. Helpdesk will inform the applicant through email to administrative and technical PIC when the activation process has completed

FAQ & Regulations