Web Hosting

Web hosting service is provided for the faculty/department/institution/work unit of the university to publish their respective information site to the internet.


  • Domain
    Customized domain name, community members representing certain interests may apply for their customized domain name of <name>.ub.ac.id.
    Example : faculty.ub.ac.id or department.ub.ac.id
  • PHP Support
    Our server is suitable with PHP.
  • FTP Access
    Used to transfer your web file to server.
    You may use software such as FileZilla to access FTP
  • MySQL Access
    UB Webhosting server supports relational database management system using MySQL
    To access MySQL user may access http://db.hosting.ub.ac.id
  • Quota
    Limitation of space in the server for each domain is currently 1 GB for each user

Server Configuration and User Control Panel

Hardware for Hosting Server

  • Server : Nutanix
  • Processor : Intel(R) Xeon(R) Silver 4108 CPU @ 1.80GHz
  • Memory (RAM) : 24 GB
  • Harddisk : SSD

Software for Hosting Server

  • OS Linux
  • Web Server
  • FTP Server
  • PHP
  • MySQL

Registration Procedure

  1. Applicants fill registration form and complete the requirements. Further information about the form details can be inquired to Helpdesk TIK.
    >> Helpdesk TIK Contant
    >> Download Webhosting Application Form
  2. Applicant submit the completed form along with other requirements to Helpdesk TIK
  3. Helpdesk TIK accepts the form and check the details and requirements. Incomplete details and/or requirements may result in the pending/rejection of the application.
  4. Completed form will be directed to the related staff to be further reviewed for approval
  5. Related staff check the form and approve or reject the application through Helpdesk.
  6. If approved, the application will be processed. Hosting activation will be informed through Helpdesk.
  7. Helpdesk will inform the applicants once the activation has been completed

Template UB

Repository of official UB web templates for UB institutions and regulations related to UB institutional website can be accessed on: http://template.ub.ac.id/

FAQ & Regulations